Suburbia Woman’s Club members will be stationed at a central location for your convenience and to assist festival attendees. The tent is located near the center of the park adjacent to the tennis courts and dry dock parking. This is the main entrance and check-in area where you will pick up your admission packets. Near this area is the Package Holding Area where bulky items may be held for pickup by your buyers. Representatives of Suburbia Woman’s Club will pick up unwieldy purchases from the vendor and take them to the package pickup holding area, the buyer (after going to the package pickup area and receiving a pass prior to leaving the park) will be allowed to drive his or her car to this site for pickup of their packages. More information concerning this service will be in your information packet that you will receive at check in. Pick-up from exhibitor sites shall be limited to HEAVY or OVERSIZED items only. Please tell your customers to carry the smaller, lighter items to the hospitality area where we wI’ll be happy to hold them.

100,000 copies of a Festival Guide will be distributed in area newspapers the week prior to the event. This publication contains a list of all exhibitors arranged according to their art or craft, site numbers to aid in locating the exhibitors, a map, general information including directions to the park, parking advisories and information regarding shuttle buses, package pick-up, and the history of the event. Exhibitors may purchase ad space in the guide as many shoppers keep the guide as a reference for placing orders throughout the year. (See box on your application for info regarding this.)

Suburbia members are easy to identify by their green aprons, green name tags and/or distinctive shirts. We will be circulating throughout the park both days so snag one of us if you have a problem or just need a little help or feel free to drop by the check-in/hospitality tent.