General Information/SetUp

WITH NO EXCEPTIONS vehicles will not be permitted to enter and must be clear of the exhibit area by 8:30 A.M. Saturday or 9:30 AM Sunday. This action is necessary to reduce congestion in the exhibit area.

Vehicles will not be allowed to re-enter exhibit area until after 5:30 P.M. Saturday and 4:30 P.M. Sunday. WITH NO EXCEPTIONS exhibits must remain in place until close of festival each day. NO EARLY TEARDOWNS ARE PERMITTED. Regardless of the weather the Festival will go on. You are expected to stay until it closes. Come prepared in case of bad weather. Sites on grass may be furnished one bale of straw as needed for ground cover due to rain; additional bales may be purchased for a nominal fee. The Parks and Recreation Department asks that bales only be opened as needed.

ALL EXHIBIT ITEMS MUST BE HANDCRAFTED OR UNIQUELY ENHANCED BY THE EXHIBITOR. Commercially produced components may be incorporated into the merchandise offered for sale, however it must be enhanced, embellished and/or decorated with original handicrafts created by the exhibitor. Items purchased for resale are not permitted. (For example: A handmade basket, made in Mexico & purchased by the exhibitor for resale would not be permitted unless it is enhanced by the crafter in some way). Also unacceptable are live plants and animals. (Allowances are possible under special circumstances, such as hand-raised herbs or specialty decorative plants). No food items may be offered without prior permission of the Festival committee and may be subject to health department inspection fees.

Exhibitors are prohibited from using amplifiers and speakers during festival hours.

Demonstrating your craft is encouraged. It enhances the Festival atmosphere and increases your sales.  There will be security Friday and Saturday nights, however Suburbia Woman’s Club is not responsible for exhibits and/or merchandise.

Children and pets are welcome, but care must be taken to assure they are under supervision at all times. Pets must be confined by leash or in such manner that they are not a nuisance to shoppers or neighboring exhibitors. Please clean up after your pet! These rules apply to ALL areas of the park, including the RV area. Bicycles, in-line skates, skateboards and any similar apparatus are prohibited within the park and on access roads during the festival. This is necessary for everyone’s safety.

Suburbia Woman’s Club members and its assigned representatives shall have the power to enforce the regulations established herein, and may from time to time, upon proper notice to the exhibitor, establish additional rules and regulations for the management and control of the Festival. Commercial type signs announcing SALE, CLOSEOUT, CLEARANCE, CREDIT CARD INFORMATION, etc. are prohibited.

*GFWC Suburbia Woman’s Club is not liable for damages to your exhibits, nor is it liable for personal injury.



Friday: 10 A.M. – 8 P.M. We request that ALL vendors (Crafters and Food) make arrangements to at least be checked in and have their trailers or canopies in place by Friday to eliminate any confusion concerning their sight or location. Signs will be posted at the entrance to the park directing you to the check in area. Please drive to this area and pick up your information packet. You may come in early Saturday to stock your booth. We will have security in the park on Friday and Saturday nights. All vehicles must be out of the park by 8:30 AM on Saturday morning and by 9:30 AM on Sunday.

Saturday: Be on the grounds no later than 8 A.M. (earlier if possible) to organize your materials and to allow time for parking. Unload your crafts as quickly as possible and move your vehicle to parking area before arranging exhibit. To avoid traffic congestion, only one (1) vehicle per site is allowed to unload at a time due to space constraints. If you have additional vehicles to unload, please unload one completely, and then remove it to the exhibitor parking area before bringing the next vehicle into the area. Site number must be displayed in vehicle window for the duration of the festival.